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porate the third paradigm in explicit and programmatic ways. In order to make this argument, we first need to define what paradigms mean in the context of HCI. Understanding Paradigms The term &x27;paradigm&x27; as a way to describe waves of re-search in a field derives from Thomas Kuhn&x27;s theory of the structure of scientific revolutions 20. Both the upper and lower surfaces of the wing act to deflect the air. The amount of lift depends on the speed of the air around the wing and the density of the air. To produce more lift, the object must speed up andor increase the angle of attack of the wing (by pushing the aircrafts tail downwards). Speeding up means the wings force more.
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Just assume that each of the moving red and green dots in the detector marks the position of a wave crest. Particles just add up. Take 2 particle and add 2 particles, and you will end up with 4.

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